Colleen Displaced

one ordinary woman -vs- Multiple Sclerosis

About Me

My name is Colleen, I live in Australia and have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1997.   Up until 2013, MS really didn't bother me at all, but it does now.  Learning to cope with disability, this is my story - or more probably the place I write down my thoughts as I journey through the minefield of life with MS.


Since starting this blog, I've realised that apart from focusing on MS, that this can be 'my place', because I don't want anyone to think that MS is who I am, that it is all of me.  I am certainly not my disease.  I have MS but it isn't who I am.  Like everyone on this earth I am made up of a whole life, and the experiences of that life.  I am interested in many things, I can be angry about things, and happy about things, and have been hurt both physically and emotionally, as well as truly overjoyed at things that have happened in my life.  I've experienced miracles, and seen outright wrongs and glorious rights. 

The one 'talent' that I have is the ability to write.  And so, I will also share those things, through the writings in my blog, here.  When they happen, or when I remember them.

That's it really, this is my place, and I welcome you all to visit whenever you like.  If I make you smile that will make me happy, if I bore you so be it, that's life!  I am just me.