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A thank you for donations - and a pre-HSCT video (7 months before)

December 10, 2016

I am not a whizz at making videos, so forgive the stops and starts in this one - but I promise I will get better!

As many readers will know, I am to undergo a Hematopeoitic Stem Cell Transplant in Russia, in July next year (2017).  I have started a crowdfund campaign to help with the cost of flights, and accommodation (mostly for my husband, who will be my carer while there).  Overcome by a feeling of gratitude with each donation, I thought the least I could do was try to say think you in person, and so, this video.  While making a video it seemed logical to also start a log of 'before and after' HSCT, because I know that that is what people considering this treatment will be searching for.  It took many months to find that sort of information in my own search, and so I do hope that in time my story will be useful to others.  All for now, and once more, to those who've contributed to my journey - thank you so much!

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