Colleen Displaced

one ordinary woman -vs- Multiple Sclerosis

Telling it like it is

I live with the unpredictability of a disease with no cure. Multiple Sclerosis. MS. No history of it in the family. What are the odds huh?  Reminder to self:  must remember to buy that lottery ticket.

Yes I have MS. I figure with that rotten deal there are no rules for me any more. I can say, do or be whatever feels right at any given moment. Depends what you do and what you say really. Good luck with that.

Fatigue is the sickest, most twisted symptom of MS and has given me an astounding ability to sleep - any time - listening to the loudest music, at the rowdiest sport event, watching the closest nail-biting-est end of any movie - so I miss the end of everything good. Thanks MS.

I research accessibility, parking, and toilet location any time I have to go somewhere new. So I’m the one to ask when you need the loo real bad. Must put 'logistics expert' on my resume. Yeah, sorry, that's a bit of sarcasm. Resume? - ha!

I’ve changed from that trendy power-suited, high heeled loveable smarty pants in the office to a dull and dowdy, sneaker wearing, stay at home type who secretly puts on heels and smart outfits in front of the mirror in the safety and privacy of my bedroom - like some old nutbag just so I can remember the woman I was, and daydream about the day when I can say ‘I used to have MS’. At least I still believe that day will come. Deluded? I choose to think not. ANYWAY.

Now don’t you dare try telling me I’m depressed. I'm not.  I can still walk. With a limp, the help of a walking stick sometimes, battling exhausted legs with almost every step, and stairs are now my enemy.  BUT I have a fabulous husband and the three most wonderful daughters who all keep me going with their constant love and support. The stuff of dreams really .... but truly, if you pulled me apart into all the little bits and pieces that make me human, I'd say I'm quite a decent example of 'normal' in many, many ways.  Depressed?  Definitely not.

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