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The closet writer!

Howdy, thanks so much for stopping by - actually I'm amazed by the  number of visits to my blog so far!

So much traffic got me thinking, and soon I was revisiting articles I'd written and had published, over two years ago.  I used to write a lot.  I'm one of those strange types that loves writing, and the English language, and will point out your spelling mistakes.  Yes I'm one of them.  Sorry.  But I can't help it.  If you pick up any mistakes on my blog, do feel free to let me know though, I will not be offended at all!

Back to where I was heading ... most of my writing has been directed toward Multiple Sclerosis sufferers but I also dabbled around in the jobseeker arena, having been employed on the fringe of human resources for some time - and then, on requesting redundancy (long story) I joined the ranks of the unemployed and developed an interest on that side of the fence, eventually assisting others with resume preparation (only for a short time - it was incredibly wearing!)

The link below takes you to my recently updated and specifically written article for those attempting to find work.  You may notice that I wrote/write under a user name (thebarefootpa) for that particular site, and in case you're wondering, it is the only article that I still have there - I can't remember why, but I did delete everything there some time back, and this is all that remains. I expect there will be more soon though!  Anyway, the article does target those who are more mobile (I was still walking fairly normally at the time I wrote it) but I do think it talks to all jobseekers. 




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